Did you know? Regular physical activity makes employees happier, more efficient, and therefore more productive. In a post-crisis context, it is more important than ever to offer physical activities that enable employees to feel more cohesive with their company and colleagues. It’s the perfect opportunity to organize events in a sporty and relaxed atmosphere!

In this article, you’ll find 5 reasons to add a sport package offer to your company.

Improve your company’s productivity and profitability

In three ways: by raising your employees’ efficiency, by reducing absenteeism, and by reducing an employee’s replacement costs.

Indeed, an employee that benefits from regular physical activity on the job is less absent and works faster. According to the OMS, sick leaves decrease by 32% when a sports solution is introduced in the company. Productivity, on the other hand, increases by 52% and, consequently, profitability increases by 1 to 14%!!

Improve employees’ satisfaction and well-being

According to a study led by YouGov (2016), adding a sports solution would allow companies to increase the satisfaction rate of its employees. Indeed, 94% of employees say they are satisfied to have access to physical activities!

Sports training in a company does have a positive impact on your employees. Sport allows employees to be more calm, to have better physical and mental health, to be more motivated and to be sick less often (as explained before).

Improve soft skills

Nowadays, soft skills make the difference in the labor market and they are considered necessary by companies. A study conducted by the IFOP shows that adaptability (which is considered as one of the most important soft skills by 84% of the managers surveyed) is developed by regular physical activities.

Sport also helps managing stress, pushing boundaries and meeting challenges.

Attract talent and improve your corporate culture

Offering a sports solution within the company helps improve the company’s image and, as a result, attract potential talent. According to a study led by the OpinionWay Barometer (2020), “84% of business leaders put emphasis on the beneficial influence of physical and sports activities on team spirit and the integration of newcomers.”

In addition, sport helps strengthen employees’ sense of belonging, which is more important than ever after a health crisis and the introduction of a “work-from-home” culture.

In other words, improving your corporate culture helps attract and retain talent. Establishing a sports framework allows employees to share values such as rigor, discipline, effort, etc.

Improve communication

Sport promotes team cohesion and therefore communication, whether internal or external. Among managers offering physical activities to their employees, the majority consider sport as a vehicle for external and internal communication for the company, they believe that it strengthens the employer brand.

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