Company Leagues

The corporate football competition

What are the Company Leagues?

Another dimension. Sport!

It’s not a secret
Sport reunites..
We offer you a turnkey solution. Take part in the Company Leagues!

Football Leagues

A championship from September to April. The best way to gather your teams on and off the pitch for both female and male.

All together

One team

This experience will strengthen existing relationships, assist in the integration of new members, and reveal potential leaders.

Strengthen your teams

Gather around your team

Ease integration




Lead by example

Joining the Company Leagues is promoting a thriving, efficient, motivated, and healthy team!

Sustain a social project

The Company Leagues sustain the “Côte-à-Côte” project or any non-profit of your choice.  Each goal scored brings in funds.  When registering, you decide which non-profit receives your support. 

About us

The Company Leagues are organized by Beautiful Sports. Experts in creating and managing amateur sports federations since 2013, our mission is to make the adventure and passion of sports available to every amateur athlete.  Thanks to our expertise, our childhood dreams and our sense of responsibility, we are dedicated to making the 5 values that define us glow within our federations: Fun, Dream, Liability, Simplicity and Social ties. 

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