Let’s talk about love, shall we ? Because that’s all football is about. The love of the game, the love of your team, the love of playing together. The passion. These emotions being so central in our conception of the game, the Company Leagues want to encourage fairplay throughout the season. Are you ready to spread the love too ?

To do so, let’s be concrete and associate clear actions to fairplay and love on the pitch ! From now on, the Company Leagues launch two incentives to boost fairplay:

Fairplay points and the Fairplay Trophy

At the end of the season, the most loving team of the league will be rewarded with the Fairplay Trophy. Probably the best trophy of the year, isn’t it ? To lift this one, there are two ways to score points:

1. The Fairplay points
At the end of every game, the referee gives a fairplay score to both teams from 1 to 5.
1 = Anti-Football attitude. ❌
5 = Absolute fairplay from the players, almost too much love. ❤️

Obviously, this score won’t impact the game’s result and won’t be shared publicly. But it will be taken into account for the Fairplay Trophy. Indeed, the addition of fairplay points will count for 50% of the Trophy at the end of the season.

2. The public’s voice
The other 50% of the Fairplay Trophy will be determined by the players themselves ! At the end of the season, everyone will have the opportunity to vote for another team (not your own) as the best ambassador of fairplay on the pitch.

Ok, I think you get it now 😉 ? Put together, the fairplay points and the public’s voice elect the Fairplay Trophy ! What do you think ? Does your team have enough love to share with opponents to win it this year ?

Hello you, I’m your ref’ ! And the ambassador of love. Nice to meet you !

The Love Move

Because fairplay is sometimes a matter of an instant. And because it could (or should) take place everywhere, we want to celebrate the small gestures of love as well ! That’s why, referees will elect the best « love move » after every game week. The Love move of the week will be shared on social media, putting your team and company at the top of the love game. ✨

Need some inspiration ? Check the video below !

Okay, I am gonna be really honest right now. I am finishing this article in tears after having watched the above video in full. 🥲😂

Spread the love, Spread football !

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