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The Company Leagues support the “Côte-à-Côte” project

The “Côte-à-Côte” non-profit organisation

Who do we assist?

The “Côte-à-côte” NPO’s mission is to create an environment that enables people with cerebral palsy to achieve their individual life plans through a supportive autonomy in order to become active members of society. This project also enables people living within “Côte-à-Côte” as well as friends, whether or not disabled, to benefit from sharing a life experience.  3 students and 2 supervisors and their families live alongside young people with disabilities. They are assisted and surrounded by an educator and a coordinator.

In a few points:

By scoring, you’re supporting

For each goal scored, the Company Leagues donate 0.5€* to the NPO

*It is possible to change this amount when registering

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