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One app to bring your teams together through sports challenges. Walk. Run. Bike.

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A challenge that looks like you

We create a tailored challenge for your company. Together, we fix targets, rules, incentives, the sports and duration of the challenge !

With our app, your teams take part in the solo and team challenges. An experience bringing people closer together. Even remotely !

Everybody wins

By combining accessible sports and offering different types of challenges and rankings, we enable any types of sportsmen and women to have an impact and to go beyond themselves for the team.


Combining different kinds of trophies is a real strength of our Company challenges.

With your company, we are fixing targets depending of your target group: a long distance to reach all together, the longest solo activity or the most regular participants (with the most active days during the challenge, no matter speed or distance).

Tailored Dashboard

Follow rankings in real-time and motivate your teams to overachieve together. The challenge is tailored with your company logo and colours.

Communication Pack

To activate everyone and make sure the experience is a real boost for your team spirit, you’ll receive a challenge activation pack.

Amongst other things, the pack includes visuals and your challenge video detailed the rules and targets you fix for your team.

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Collect funds while walking, running or biking

Select a project close to your hearts

Fix a collective target for your company

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